The focus of the conference is on the behaviour of structures (steel, concrete, masonry, timber, aluminium and composite structures) under fire exposure. The symposium aims to contribute to integrating Fire science, Engineering practice and Design methodologies for a safe and sustainable built environment.
The following topics are addressed:

  1. Fire safety engineering
  2. Fire safety of structures
  3. Mechanical and thermal properties of materials
  4. Fire chemistry, physics and combustion
  5. Fire reaction
  6. Smoke control
  7. Experimental studies
  8. Numerical modelling of structures exposed to fire
  9. Simple calculation methods
  10. Fire risk assessment
  11. Probabilistic aspects of fire engineering
  12. Evacuation and human behaviour in case of fire
  13. Organization and management of fire safety
  14. Practical applications and case studies
  15. Installations, systems and equipments of fire safety
  16. Fires in industry and explosions
  17. Fire regulations standardization
  18. Construction trends